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Your Call: How should journalists cover mass shootings?

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Podcast: Your Call
Published: Fri, 16 Jun 2017 05:46:54 +0000

This week we’ll talk about the shootings at a practice for a Republican Congressional baseball team outside of DC. We'll also look at media coverage of mass shootings in general, including yesterday’s shooting at a UPS facility here in San Francisco. These events often trigger brief discussions of the pros and cons of gun control. And then the dialogue fizzles. How can journalists help take the conversation further? Mark Hertsgaard is guest host. Guests: Mark Follman, national affairs editor at Mother Jones Amanda Marcotte, politics writer for Salon Kurtis Lee, political reporter for the Los Angeles Times Resources: Kudos: Vox: We asked 8 Senate Republicans to explain what their health bill is trying to do LA Times: In a time when the country is deeply divided, baseball unites NY Times: The Mortification of Jeff Sessions Mother Jones: Sessions: Trump Never Showed Interest in Russian Hacking Mother Jones: The Most Shocking Revelation From the Sessions Hearing --- SF Gate: UPS gunman had 

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